Post-Academic Bridge
paves the way for a smarter and more enjoyable career and/or next degree search processes.

Bridges are functional structures that provide passage across different areas. But they can also be amazing connecting routes across spaces that might otherwise be difficult to cross. Post-Academic Bridge services have been designed to help my clients use their strengths in a supportive environment to take their next step in their professional life.

Career Services

I provide career services to help clients move forward in their transition from school to the job market, one of the most important bridges in peoples’ lives. Through a combination of education, job experience in the private sector, extensive research and collaboration, I help diverse clients identifying and working towards their short/long term career exploration and professional goals.

I also work with clients who are considering going back to school as a key career move and are evaluating their degree options and application processes.

Am I the right person to work with?

I’ve worked on career and educational related questions with a wide variety of clients (see Testimonials), but I’m best equipped to work with:

Grad Students

Completing their degree within the next year and wanting to explore non-traditional job alternatives and new industries.

Masters Students

Trying to define the best career options for them - taking into account their professional and/or personal life situation and goals.

PhD Students

In the process of finishing the degree, while considering a career beyond academia.

Recent Graduates

Tired of their current job situation, but unsure of how to navigate the current job market.

International Student and Recent Immigrants

Exploring traditional and/or alternative career and/or educational paths.


Considering graduate school but not sure about the right program according their interests, skillset and the current job market.
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